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Conditions Commonly Evaluated/Treated

  • Back and neck pain--i.e., acute and chronic perispinal pain (cervical, thoracic, or lumbar)

  • Radiculopathy, neuropathy, and myelopathy

  • Musculoskeletal pain conditions

  • Traumatic brain injury, concussion, post-concussive syndrome, etc.

  • Headache, particularly post-traumatic and cervicogenic

  • Peripheral nerve injury (carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar palsy, ilioinguinal neuropathy, meralgia paresthetica, etc.)

  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS--formerly RDS and Causalgia)

Services and Procedures Available:

Neurosurgical and Pain Evaluation and Treatment

  • Evaluation and treatment of all neurosurgical (brain, spine, and peripheral nerve) issues

  • Records review and report regarding neurosurgical or pain-related issues

  • Evaluation and treatment of many other pain-related conditions (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, RSD, causalgia, etc.)

  • Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) for neurosurgical or pain conditions/issues

  • "Second opinion" evaluations regarding proposed neurosurgical procedures or other evaluation/treatment recommendations

  • Impairment rating evaluations (utilizing state specific or AMA guidelines as appropriate)

  • FMLA or private disability insurance evaluations (Dr. Curling does not perform Social Security disability evaluations)

Interventional Diagnostic/Therapeutic Procedures

  • Trigger point injections, myoneural injections

  • Electrodiagnostic testing (PNCV/EMG)

  • Spinal Epidural injections (interlaminar, transforaminal, and caudal)

  • Spinal facet injections and medial branch blocks

  • Spinal facet rhizotomy (radiofrequency ablation)

  • Peripheral nerve blocks

  • Spinal cord stimulation--temporary trial and permanent implant

  • Minor neurosurgical procedures--carpal tunnel release, lateral femoral cutaneous nerve decompression, neuroma excision, etc. (Dr. Curling can facilitate referral for major surgical procedures when appropriate)

Psychological Assessment and Treatment (note that psychological treatment is not available in house at present following the retirement of Dr. Webster, but can be arranged with other expert providers)

  • Assessment of psychological conditions and psychosocial factors contributing to pain, distress and functional impairment

  • Psychological screenings to assist medical ​providers in gauging potential response to implantable pain control devices, spine surgery, and/or opiate medication regimens

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and other treatment methods to support rehabilitation and effective coping with pain and life changes associated with illness or injury

  • Interventions for reactive depression and anxiety, including posttraumatic stress from injury and illness

Functional/Rehabilitative/Cognitive Therapy (neuropsychological evaluation and cognitive therapy is available in house with Dr. Naylor; physical therapy is not available in house at present but can be arranged with multiple providers in the area)

  • Physical Therapy

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations

  • Vestibular Therapy

  • Cognitive Therapy

  • Functional Restoration Therapy (Work Conditioning Therapy)

(Note that while many services are presently available "in house", the list of services and procedures available is frequently ​evolving, and for any service not presently available within the practice, Dr. Curling will facilitate referral to another expert provider for that service while maintaining oversight and follow up of care).

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